What Do We Do?

Geese Peace is a professionally contracted service using specially trained herding and working dogs and other effective methods to solve your problems with Canada Geese.

The Goal and purpose of our service is to remove resident Canada Geese from your property while preventing new geese from taking residence.

Resident geese are defined as those that have taken residence on a property, year round, and are no longer migrating.


How Do We Do It?

Control and purging of resident Canada Geese is accomplished through scheduled site visitation by team(s) comprised of specially trained handler(s) and dog(s). The objective of the team(s) is to establish the presence of a natural predator on your property, creating an environment that is seemingly unsafe and unfit for habitation by Canada Geese.

When the location is no longer considered to be a safe refuge, the resident Canada Geese will relocate. Properties must be maintained through continued daily service to prevent the return of resident geese and/or the arrival of new migratory geese.

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