How it Began: Rescued Dog Finds Dream Life & Dream Job!


In 1998, Rich Rogers, a third grade teacher in the Wissahickon School District, was full of entrepreneurial vigor and eager to begin a business that would keep him busy during his time off from teaching. A dog owner since childhood, Rich was determined to one day find or create a job for one of his dogs. Animals are much more content when they have a purpose. Rich had recently adopted a 6-month old boxer mix from the SPCA. Her name was Alexandra (below).


Alexandra: Co-Founder 1998

That same year, the two learned of a business in New Jersey that used canines to patrol properties troubled by the presence of resident Canada Geese. Alex and Rich already spent much time in the outdoors, so the idea seemed to be a natural fit.

After research and several improvements, Geese Peace, Inc. was formed acquiring Sesame/Rockwood Camp (Blue Bell) as its first client. Now in its 19th season, Geese Peace Goose Solutions, Inc. has grown to service hundreds of clients in Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks Counties. The company has expanded its range to include Delaware and New Jersey.



Geese Peace LLC: Goose Solutions, licensed by the PA Game Commission, now operates using trained working border collies and herding dogs.  “We love our work!”