Trying to decide between a few different Goose Control Service Providers?

Geese Peace is a professionally contracted service using specially trained herding and working dogs and other effective methods to solve your problems with Canada Geese.

If you are looking for a goose control service in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware to rid your home or business property of Canada Geese, you have come to the right place.

Since 1998, Geese Peace has satisfied customers with outstanding results on properties in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Philadelphia Counties in PA. Now, Geese Peace offers service in Delaware and New Jersey too!

We don’t believe we’re the best because we’ve been in business longer than our competitors. We believe we’ve been in business longer than our competitors because our customers know we’re the best.

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Being property owners and managers, we realize that you have a choice about what service providers work on your property. Not all Goose Control Service Providers are the same. We constantly improve and develop our performance and techniques to ensure that our customers receive the very best service possible.

We pay special attention to minor details that make a difference in servicing your property like:

  • Varying our visitation times.
  • On-Call Service with quick response time.
  • Providing reports about the status of your property.
  • Cleaning your sidewalks and entry ways that have been fouled by geese.
  • Keeping you informed through regular communication.
  • Responding to the changing needs of your property.

Geese Peace provides service that makes a difference!